What To Expect

Doing an inspection

We do a thorough inspection of all areas that bugs tend to hide, including:

  • under sinks
  • crawl spaces
  • attics
  • bathrooms
  • garages
  • floor boards

Performing the service

  • Meet the customer
  • Perform a thorough inspection outside and inside for rats, bugs and possible c. rodent proofing.
  • Explain the results to the customer in a report.
  • Perform your pest control treatment which consist of crack and craves, baiting, moldering.
  • Perform a final inspect before leaving.

Returning for inspection (follow up)

After doing the initial service we do a follow up inspection within two weeks.  With existing customers we keep in touch by phone, if they have a problem we go back at no charge.

Returning for scheduled service

We always contact the customer when they are due for their next service. We schedule their appointment at their convenience; after hours or on a Saturday at no extra cost.