Creepy Critters Mission Statement

We’re Not Just Another Pest Control Company

Like most companies, Creepy Critters has an official mission statement and vision. However, unlike most companies we also have a Code of Values that each employee is required to know.

The Code of Values serves as guide which we strive to serve our customers, from the bottom to the top of our organization.

We live by this Code of Values…


  • Treating our customers and fellow employees as we would like to be treated
  • Listening to our customers and employees with the intent to understand what is being said and knowledge that what they have to say is very important to us.
  • Responding to the customer in a timely and on time fashion
  • Speaking with the customer and fellow employees calmly and respectfully, without profanity or sarcasm
  • Acknowledging everyone as right from their own perspective


  • Making only commitments that we are willing, able and indent to keep
  • Communicating any potentially broken commitments at the first appreciate opportunity to all customers and employees concerns
  • Looking to the system for all possible solutions to solve the customer’s problems
  • Operating in a responsible manner “above the line”
  • Communicating honestly and with purpose to our customers
  • Asking clarifying questions if we disagree or do not understand
  • Never saying anything about our customers or to other employees that we would not say to him or her
  • Having fun and listen always to our customers!

Customer Focus

  • Continuously striving to maximize internal and external customer loyalty
  • Making our best effort to understand and appreciate the customer’s needs in every situation

10 point step by our employee to our customers

  1. Floor Mat
  2. Booting for shoes
  3. On time
  4. Leave house as you find it
  5. Treat customers with respect
  6. Inspect house before doing job
  7. Dress code
  8. Educate our customers on what treatment you are doing
  9. Employees follow Joyology Philosophy

What is a Joyologist? A joyologist then would be one who studies joyology. Frankly our world could use a great many joyologists whose mission in life is to actively research the effects of discussing and sharing joy.

The research could branch out into how joy affects our careers, family lives, and friendships. The very act of doing the active research should spread jubilation throughout the world and bring about positive results. What a fun job!

All one needs to start with is to share the words joyism, joy logy, and joyologis with others. Use the words daily and make them a part of the world’s vocabulary.

The upcoming year is going to challenge us all. Here is something we need to think this one is called Learning to Listen. We hope that you will enjoy our daily message on Joyology.

It is the study of Caring, Sharing, Listening and Sacrifice.